Lesson Learned for DaddyJ


Man owe man…. I think I’ve did the dumbest thing ever. I make music from time to time and ive always felt that I should be doing features with other artist who already have a name. Well yesterday I was in Twitter (@anticlyve ) and a artist Dm’d me. He said he was doing features with unsigned artist like myself. $120 was how much I had to pay and I fell for it. The song we were supposed to collaborate on was already a song.

I found it on Sondcloud and Youtube. The funny thing was that every song was with a different unsigned artist so I knew it was fake. But that was after I already sent the money. 😦

I was so pissed. My girlfriend told and told me she thought it was a scam and that it was. I’ll live though, It was a Lesson Learned.



Everything is Everything.


Nearing the FINISH line!


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The One With My List of Dreams


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A Mom of Steel

Before falling asleep last night, I was watching an episode of Friends, like I often do. It was “The One Where They All Turn Thirty” and in it, Phoebe has a list of things she wants to do before she turns thirty. Now, I do not normally emulate Phoebe’s behaviour (she’s my least favourite Friend), but it occurred to me that I have never made a list like that, filled with crazy things I wanted to do in my life. Most of my adult years have been focused on making it from one task to the next- finding a job, finding a better job, making it through my episodes of depression, going back to school, getting married, adjusting to life with kids, etc. I haven’t really stopped to think about whether or not it would be possible to accomplish some of my innermost desires. So I think now is as…

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Thought of being a Dad


It was something different and special when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. It was the first for us both. We were ill prepared but as of now were doing great. But, I’ll tell you the inner thoughts I’ve had and how it has been being a dad. I’ll share everything that I go through with raising my daughter.! Pictures, Videos and more. Walk with me on this parenthood journey.